Data Privacy, Security, and Digital Citizenship

  • The Nashua School District strives to allow all of its students to make use of online learning technologies such as computers, Chromebooks, and iPads. As such, online learning and online learning resources are becoming ever present in our students lives. These resources give our students access to a wide range of incredible learning materials that they would otherwise not be able to use. However, with the ability to access these materials come the inherent risks that come with their use. These risks include those concerning our student's data, the privacy of that data, and the work they complete using those learning materials. As a school district we take this risk seriously as out top priority is educating and protecting our students. For this reason we are making it our mission to protect our student's data and work, while educating them on how to protect themselves on the internet as well how to be an upstanding digital citizen in our ever increasingly online world.