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FirstView Bus App

Dear NSD Parents,

"When's the bus coming?" Now you can know!

First Student, school bus service company, announces the availability of FirstView App at no cost to parents to track school bus arrival in real time. FirstView gives parents peace of mind, alerting you so you know when the school bus is arriving. FirstView is piloting close to 50 current Nashua , and plans to include all bus routes for the upcoming school year. 

The first step to getting started is to download the FirstView App from the Apple App Store or Google Play, and register.  for a guide on how to get started. To complete registration, you will need to know the Nashua School District code is ZS4L. 

If you encounter any difficulties with startup or have questions in general about the FirstView app, please contact FirstView directly. FirstView provides customer support during weekdays, and can respond to your questions. Please keep in mind the bus company and the school district do not have the answers to FirstView app questions. If you need customer service with the app, here below is how to contact FirstView:  

Thank you for taking advantage of this service, and thank you to First Student for making this available to our school district.

David Rauseo, Director, NSD Transportation