Behind the cosmopolitan busiest avenues, Lisbon has the capacity to surprise us just by turning a corner. A place of intense trade and economic activity quickly gives way to a calm square just there, right next to you.
It’s like a little secret that the city keeps so it can maintain exclusivity. Like a village with the sophistication of a European capital centre or the comfort of a garden inside a building.

Praça da Alegria

Harmony in the historic
center of Lisbon

With the Alfredo Keil Garden in the centre, Praça da Alegria is a typical Lisbon square. The contrasts may range from a place of freshness on a hot summer day to a decoration with autumn leaves. Its various species of exotic trees and the shade they provide, its wooden benches and the fountains in the gardens invite you to sit and be amazed by the quietness that exists in the heart of Lisbon.



An exclusive square in an admirable city

The surroundings of Praça da Alegria are some of the most interesting points of Lisbon. The most obvious example is the Avenida da Liberdade. Its inspiration are the great Parisian Boulevards but there is also the Rua da Conceição da Glória, which takes us to the bohemian Bairro Alto, or the Travessa da Alegria that leads to the Botanical Garden and the crowded terraces of the Príncipe Real garden.

The essence that dwells in Alegria 25

Architect Samuel Torres de Carvalho made use of his vast and successful experience in rehabilitating charismatic buildings in Portugal and Spain to create a modern space with simple and sober lines but that at the same time evoke the origins through plaster and tile.




131 m2 – 288 m2




It is the richness of the Portuguese tiles and the bas-reliefs present in the finishing of a noble Pombaline building that is renewed, conserving the essence and ornamental virtue that are so typically Portuguese.


Beautiful houses made of small details such as the original tile patterns of the facade that complement the sunshine with a cool blue as the sea air.
Samuel Torres de Carvalho and his team have spared no effort to ensure that all finishes achieved the highest technical and material quality. The natural stone flooring and the oak flooring subtly remind us of the simplicity of life from ancient times, complementing the comfort of the most modern architecture.
The bathrooms have underfloor heating so you can have a cozy winter without significant energy waste. The apartments are also equipped with a security system.


A haven in broad daylight

All the conditions are met so you can enjoy every ray of sunshine in the comfort of your garden, on your balcony, inside your house, where there will be plenty of sunlight, maybe even in the surrounding green areas.
All is prepared so you have a haven after a walk to go downtown or after a long day of work, and this can only be achieved by combining the most rigorous aesthetic taste with concern for the comfort of a home.


“Architecture is fun for me.
Without joy, there is no Architecture.”

Samuel Torres de Carvalho Architect


The place you will choose to live.

The extent of the spaces, the functionality of the lines and the gardens ask you to relax and, at the same time, ask for the company of those you like best in a private and quiet environment but with all the advantages and amenities of a big city.

Architecture and art, an authentic project

Samuel Torres de Carvalho Architect

STC – Architecture Lda. is an Architecture Office, Coordination and Management, led by Architect Samuel Torres de Carvalho. Graduated from the Official College of Architecture of Madrid, where he taught from 1989 to 2016, he has 28 years of professional experience with projects developed in Portugal and other European countries.
During his professional career, Samuel Torres de Carvalho received several awards such as the COAM Award (Official College of Architects of Madrid); “The Best Urban Rehabilitation” Prize and “Best Tourist Project” in Portugal, by Memmo Alfama Hotel in the year 2014. In 2017, Memmo Principe Real Hotel was distinguished by Monocle magazine as the “Smartest Urban Hotel” in the world.


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Praça da Alegria, 25
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